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2015 Guelph Wrestling & SJK Youth Festival Tournament Results.

Sorry for the late notice.  

Congratulations to everyone that competed at the 2015 Guelph Wrestling & SJK Youth Festival this past Saturday.   

Everyone walked away with hardware!!!  Great job by all.

Thanks again to our coaches for their time and commitment in making a our children successful athletes.

Alyvia Eastmond – Tyke
Taylor Prokosh – Novice
Joey Prokosh – Novice
Ernon Yamamoto – Novice
Dechlan Ste.  Marie – Novice
Nyla Burgess – Bantam
Mateo Valles – Bantam
Aiden Ste. Marie – Bantam
Atakan Kaya – Tyke
Alyna Eastmond – Novice
Cruz Lewis – Novice
Stone Lewis – Bantam
Gabriel Ste. Marie – Novice
Liam Ste. Marie – Bantam
Overall Team Standings
Tyke Girls – 1st Place
Tyke Boys – 3rd Place
Novice Girls – 3rd Place
Novice Boys – 2nd Place
Bantam Girls – 1st Place
Bantam Boys – 3rd Place



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2015 Lexus Titans Youth Classic Tournament

Full house at the Lexus Titans Youth Classic Tournament.   Great performance by all!! 


Bianca Romano – Tykes

Atakan Kaya – Tykes

Aiden Woods – Tykes

Taylor Prokosch – Novice

Ernon Sasaki – Novice

Matteo Romano – Novice

Caleb Chartres – Novice

Katelyn Romano – Kids

Jullian Kato – Kids

Amelia Blanco – Bantam

Nyla Burgess – Bantam

Mateo Valles – Bantam

Dechlan Papadopoulos – Bantam

Mateo Anisi – Bantam

Kai Woods – Bantam

Stone Lewis – Bantam

Patrik Leder – Bantam

Tristan Kato – Cadet

Kyle Jordon  - Cadet


Joey Prokosch – Novice

Tayvon Haynes – Novice

Mikwan Dumas – Bantam 


Cruiz Lewis – Novice

5th Place

Christian Iturriaga – Novice


Tyke/Novice Boys & Girls

Kid Girls

Bantam Boys & Girls

Cadet Boys

Thanks to the coaches for their time and expertise.

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2015 Junior Provincial Championships Results

Congratulations to everyone that competed at the 2015 Junior Provincial Championships today!  A job well done.

Augusta Eve 44kg
Brooke Jarrett 63kg
Jordan Raghunandan 50kg

Shauna Keubeck 59kg
Phillip Le 55kg
Dillon Williams 66kg

Jamal Henry 50kg

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2015 Great Lakes Wrestling Festival Results

Congratulations to Everyone who competed at the 2015 Great Lakes Wrestling Festival.   Top 3 finish by All…..see results below.


Alyna Eastmond Novice Girls 25-27.6kg 

Nyla Burgess – B 61.2-64.5kg

Aiden Woods – N 31.3-33.8kg 

Gabriel Ste. Marie – N 31.4-33.8kg 

Dechlan  Ste. Marie – N 30.4 -32.5kg 

Blayne Helou K 29.3-29.8kg 

Matteo Valles – B 32.7-33.9kg 

Kai Woods – B 50-52.3kg 

Mateo Anisi – C 44kg


Jayd Davis – O 57.5-61kg 

Tayvon Haynes – N 28. 5-29.5 

Jonah Schofield Fitz – B 43-45.9kg 

Aiden Ste. Marie – B 50-52.3kg 

Carson Young O 72kg


Alyvia Eastmond N 25-27.6kg 

Dechlan Papa – B 37-40.6kg 

Outstanding Wrestler Cadet Male – Carson Young

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2015 Durham Classic Elementary Wrestling Invitational

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2015 Durham Classic Elementary Wrestling Invitational

Your team is invited to attend the 2015 Durham Classic
Elementary Wrestling Invitational.


DATE: Saturday April 18, 2015
VENUE: Pickering High School
180 Church St., Ajax
See below for directions
ELIGIBILITY: Tykes (born 2007-2008),
Novice (born 2005-2006),
Kids (born 2003-2004),
Bantam (born 2001-2002).
There will be a MALE and FEMALE division for each age group.
WEIGH-IN: Thursday April 16: e-mail entries to before 8 pm.
Click here to download the entry form.
Please include gender, division and weight (to 1 decimal place) of your athletes.
Teams or athletes will not be allowed to register the day of the tournament.
Do not call the school.
We will reply to your e-mail to acknowledge receipt.
Call 416-859-6985 if you do not receive a response.
8 wrestlers per weight class max.
We will contact coaches whose athletes are at either end of the weight spectrum to ensure fair weight classes. All wrestlers are guaranteed 3 matches.
We will be wrestling the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th place matches.
ENTRY FEE: $20 per wrestler (scratches will be charged the entry fee)
DRAW FORMAT: Round Robin and Double elimination bracket draw will be used.
Coach’s meeting 8:30 am.  Please arrive at 8 am if you have any scratches.
SAME AS LAST YEAR.   Each Division (both genders) will wrestle at a specific time.
Tykes/Novice Division Starts at 9am, Kids Division starts at 11am, Bantam Division starts at 1pm
AWARDS: Medals for top 3 finishers.
FOOD: A concession stand will be open from 9 am.
CONVENOR: Stan Tzogas
CONTACT: Chris Stefopulos 416-859-6985 or


Red Dot Weight Check information:

On Tournament morning, athletes will be selected at random for weight verification. These names will be highlighted on the draw sheet. These names will be posted on the draw sheets. All wrestlers selected must report to the weight check room by 8:30 am. They will be weighed in and their weight must be within 1 Kg. of the weight entered. If over the weight entered plus the 1 Kg. allowance:

  • the wrestler will be eliminated from the competition.
  • all wrestlers from the athlete’s club will have to weigh-in. If any other club members are above their weight as entered plus the 1 Kg. allowance, they will also be eliminated from the tournament.

A list of athletes having to weigh-in will be posted at the Venue Saturday morning.


Directions to Pickering H.S.:

From The West:
Exit at Brock Road, travel north to Kingston Rd., travel east (turn right) to Church St., travel north (turn left), school is on the left side.

From the East:
Exit at Westney Rd., travel north to Kingston Rd., travel west (turn left) to Church St., travel north (turn right), school is on the left side.

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2015 KBay – Barrie Open

Congratulations to everyone that competed at the 2014 KBay – Barrie Open this past Saturday and the coaches for taking their time with everyone. Everyone that went placed top 3!!!

Below are the results.

Aylvia Eastmond, Tyke Girls
Alayna Eastmond, Novice Girls
Kai Woods, Bantam Boys
Stone Lewis, Cadet Boys
Patrik Leder, Cadet Boys
Adam Scott, Cadet Boys
Kyle Jordon, Cadet Boys
Shauna Keubeck, Open Girls

Aiden Woods, Tyke Boys
Moriah Lynn Morine, Open Girls
Nyla Burgess, Open Girls
Jonah Schofiel Fitzpatrick, Bantan Boys
Mateo Anisi, Cadet Boys

A job well done!!!! Congrats to everyone again!!!

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2014 Holiday Camp

Practices at Pickering HS are closed for the holidays and will resume when school reopens January 5th.

Team Impact will be holding a Holiday Camp at CALC which focus on elite skills at the FILA Cadet Level and beyond.  Athletes who have not been identified at the FILA Cadet Level and higher should attend the noon hour session.

All athletes participating should be members in good standing with the OAWA as well as with a recognized wrestling club. OAWA memberships can be purchased on-line at 

The schedule is as follows:

Mini Camp # 1
Monday December 22 and Tuesday December 23

A.M. Session 10am – 12pm
Beginners and elementary age athletes 12pm-1:30pm
P.M. Session 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Mini Camp #2
Monday December 29

A.M. Session 10pm – 12pm
Beginners and elementary age athletes 12pm – 1:30pm
P.M. Session 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Saturday January 3, 2015.
Regular schedule resumes. 10am – 12pm

All practices will be at the City Adult Learning Centre located at 1 Danforth Ave. In Toronto, enter by door #6 at the south east side of the school.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Everyone!!!

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2014 Matmen Classic/Turner Fenton Tournament

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2014 Matmen Classic/Tuner Fenton

Open!!  Everyone gave it their all and went home with a medal……a job well done.

Thank you to the coaches for their time and ongoing commitment.

Today’s results are as follows:

Taylor Prokosch (Kids)
Alyna Eastmond (Novice)
Nyla Burgess (Cadet)
Moriah Lynn Morine (Bantam)
Joey Prokosch (Novice)
Stone Lewis (Bantam)
Mateo Anisi (Bantam)
Kai Woods (Bantam)
Kyle Jordon (Cadet)
Wassim Ghadhan (Open)

Atakan Kaya (Novice)
Dylan Chocorlan (Kids)
Kiera Kuebeck (Cadet)
Jonah Schofield Fitzpatrick (Bantam)
Aiden Ste. Marie (Bantam)
Jayd Davis (Open)

Alyvia Eastmond (Novice)
Ernon Sasaki (Novice)
Jake Chocorlan (Novice)
Cruz Lewis (Novice)
Adam Scott (Cadet)
Samantha Romano (Open)
Shauna Keubeck (Open)

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