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Video with Good Advice

Watch this video of Coach John Smith talking to his athletes about the importance of coming to a practice with a purpose. Watch more video of Flo Flashbacks on

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Small Practice Adjustment for a Big Difference

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We are doing many things right that will help us continue to do well. To improve we need to make a modification to the way we drill in practice. Upon assessment of our training and performances over the season and … Continue reading

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Confidence: Build it and Success Will Come.

Confidence is the firm belief that you can do what is required to succeed. Confidence is developed thorough practice. It is built by numerous successful completions of techniques, tactics, skills or tasks in practice situations. One must perform in practice … Continue reading

Heart Rate: The Indicator of Effort

Checking your heart rate is a good way to determine effort and monitor training. Improvements will come sooner if attention is paid to monitoring the heart beats per minute. There are various ways to determine a target heart rate. The … Continue reading

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